Parker is the leading expert in holiday design and displays for your commercial space. The most trusted name in Christmas/holiday displays is also easy to work with and dedicated to creating displays that generate compliments from visitors and employees alike! It can be designed to attract crowds and bring in clients. Speak with a Parker expert and describe your vision. Your Parker holiday design team will translate your ideas into a solid and affordable Christmas/holiday display that will be expertly installed, removed, stored, refurbished and reinstalled the next year on your schedule.

Call 866-YULE-TIDE today to talk to your Parker expert about:

  • Design
  • Creation, fabrication, installation
  • Easy takedown
  • Display storage
  • Fire-resistant materials
  • Annual installations
  • Display purchase, lease or rent options
  • Special event design
  • Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanza, Ramadan
  • Large tree lightings
  • Winter, Summer, Spring & Fall displays
…decorations are so outstanding.
–Bain & Co.

Static displays or dancing lights and elements

Parker’s creative talent and our access to the newest technologies can deliver an extraordinary display that exceeds your expectations.

For offices, buildings and atriums:

Parker will translate your wish list into a display that keeps you showered in compliments. Get used to hearing the word “WOW”!

…well satisfied… …continue to amaze us… …highly recommend…
—Hilton Suites

For Malls and retail outlets:

Parker specializes in delivering fun, interactive displays with features for children and adults that:

  • Bring in crowds.
  • Enhance your facility.
  • Encourage visitors to take photos to send to friends and post online.
  • Generate repeat visits as customers return with friends to see your displays.
  • Dramatically increase store, restaurant and photos sales..
  • Improve tenant retention
…appreciation…for extra care… of holiday plants…

Parker photo imaging technology lets you
“preview” your holiday project

See what your holiday display will look like before its installation. Parker photo-imaging technology brings your designs to life so you and your team can more clearly visualize the finished installation. With Parker, there are no surprises. Your Parker team keeps you fully informed at every step of the fabrication and installation process to ensure a great holiday experience for you and your staff.

Parker makes every holiday, any season,
a special delight

In more than six decades of award-winning commercial Christmas/holiday design and installation, Parker has excelled in bringing seasonal and multi-faith displays to business and retail environments – Christmas, Kwanza, Hanukkah, Ramadan – even Spring, Summer, Winter and Fall displays.

…it was an amazing success!

Contract information: When contracting for Christmas it is important to get your order in early to ensure access to the greatest variety of displays, prime installation and removal dates, and to avoid shortages or extra express shipping charges.