Parker LEEDs the way in Green Technology — Serving New York, New Jersey,
Pennsylvania, Delaware, Connecticut, and Maryland
Plant wall and green roof design, installation and maintenance

Parker’s certified team has a clear advantage in delivering green walls and green roofs. Not only do we have the highest certifications, we have more than 60 years of experience in actually growing, installing and maintaining the living plants.

The technology in design, construction and installation of living walls and green roof systems is relatively new. However, Parker green roof and green wall installations are exceptional as we are experts in both the technology and the growing side of these projects. Parker’s Green Roof | Green Wall experts are certified and experienced in all phases of living wall and green roof development, in addition to our long experience in all phases of plant wall and green roof design and construction.

Parker’s team has:

  • Green Roof Professional Accreditation
  • Certified Rain Garden Training
  • Certified National Water Program
    Training – USDA C-5REES
  • A Rutgers New Jersey Agricultural Experiment Station Citation
…quality plant material, attention to detail in installation, design drawing followed without any surprise substitutions, quick delivery
—Bellemeade Development Corp.

Parker combines plant wall technology and green roof construction to grow real estate values

Create a cleaner, greener environment that can help raise the property value of new and existing structures, reduce future utility costs beautify your facility, enhance your brand and deliver tax incentives with Parker. Our experts will handle all aspects of green wall/green roof growing, design and installation and ongoing maintenance.

…excellent job…The quality of your plants and work have been exceptional!
—Morse/Diesel, Inc.

Plant/living walls

Parker knows the right plant wall for each environment. The most technically sophisticated merge HVAC systems with the plants to create cool and natural air filtering called Bio Walls or Bio Filters. These walls filter the chemicals out of the air naturally.

Less technically intrusive but thrillingly dramatic are vertical wall installations, either inside or outside a building. These systems require wall preparation, water and drainage plumbing, and light considerations for continued attractiveness of the installation.

…compliment you on the wonderful condition and appearance…sets a high standard
—City of Atlantic City

The Portable Wall

Now there is a third plant wall option: Parker’s, freestanding green wall. Each Parker Wall has its own built-in irrigation/drainage and lighting systems. This means every office can now enjoy the benefit of a green wall without the considerable investment of a conventional installation. Parker also can pair your green wall installation with running water features to create a strikingly unique green environment.

…excellent service…
—Johnson & Johnson

Parker provides green technology consultation services to construction firms, architects, engineers and owners

Call 800.526.3672 and ask one of Parker’s experts how green roofs and plant walls can be incorporated into your project or planned property improvements. Parker’s team can analyze the hard costs and ROI and guide your firm through any tax incentive applications. These green technologies are embraced by many U.S. municipal authorities and new incentives to encourage investment are often available for the asking. Parker will work with you to get your project off the ground.

Parker maintains 57,000 sq. ft. of Green Walls

This property plays the soft green of its living green wall against a dramatic fire motif.

This University Bio Wall is a lush green focal point.

green_20 This green wall is a fabulous compliment to artwork Green_21
A University health center benefits from a multi-story green wall

This state-of-the-art green roof spans 9,200 square feet on this major corporation headquarters.
A mature, green roof installed onto existing construction.
This lavish, low-maintenance interior green wall is self-watering
and self-draining.
A small green roof project in development.
More than 25 plant species make up this freestanding living wall
unit which purifies indoor air.