Parker specializes in:

  • Rooftop landscaping
  • Streetscaping
  • Seasonal flower rotations
  • Exterior containers, water features and furniture
  • Design, installation and maintenance.
  • Green roofs

Parker is the answer for creative and noteworthy urban landscaping that is sophisticated and welcoming.

…taken a great weight off our shoulders of monitoring the plants.
—J.M.Huber Corporation

The Parker outdoor landscaping
installation experience

Every Parker installation is done right with the least amount of interruption or disruption to you. Parker technicians are clean, neat, fast and friendly. They worry over every plant in your installation as though they were precious babies to ensure your property will always remain beautiful.

…excellent customer service…

You can trust Parker quality

Every Parker tech is highly-trained, and experienced. Each receives continuing horticulture education to ensure Parker technicians and staff are fully-trained and up to date. It’s a cornerstone of Parker’s ongoing commitment to deliver consistent quality in all the areas of client contact, project design, delivery, and after-sale care. Trust us with your project. We will not disappoint.

…pleased we are with your service…we are glad to be doing business with Parker.
—KBCO of America

Why Parker is your best choice.

  • Family owned for generations.
  • Outstanding designs
  • Superb quality material and service
  • Direct line to the owner for all clients.
  • Job gets done right without interruptions.
  • Over 60 years in the plant business.
  • Rapid responses
  • Low turnover, stable, consistent work force.
  • Huge 14 acre facility
  • We take pride in the job we do and take ownership.
…excellent service…attention to detail…friendliness…outstanding job…creative design…
—Hyatt Hotels & Resorts

Services we offer

  • Design – Photo imaging
  • Sale, lease or rental
  • Installations and guaranteed maintenance
  • Containers
  • Water features
  • Special events

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