Parker is a display company unconstrained by horticulture convention. We have, for example:

  • Welded a 40’ aluminum frame to hold 36 interactive TV’s;
  • Installed windows for a major retail chain that included furniture, mannequins; and
  • Built mock ups of working blowup models representing electronic products for a major electronics manufacturer…and that is just a tip of the iceberg.

Rich Parker leads a group of the most talented creative people in the industry. Each is empowered to do what is necessary to successfully achieve what you seek to accomplish

Whatever you need, Parker delivers.
If you want vanilla we will give you vanilla.
If you want a cost-conscious job, we will give you that.
If you want work that will increase your sales, we can do that.
If you want to bring in people to your site, we can do that better then anyone else
Parker promises to exceed your expectations!
What we do;

  • Interior Landscaping – Design, install and service interior live plant displays for businesses of all sizes;
  • Green Walls/Green Roofs – Design, install, consult and service green roofs and green walls for new and existing construction;
  • Holiday & Christmas – Design, install, disassemble, and store holiday and seasonal displays, both interactive and traditional, for corporate offices and large-scale shopping complexes; and
  • Extreme Retail – Design, build, and install interactive or static retail displays, windows and one-of-a-kind promotional displays for high-end retailers.
  • Exterior landscape, design, installation & maintenance of exterior landscape in Manhattan & Philadelphia.


The Parker program will teach you everything you need to know to operate a successful plantscape business. We will introduce you to our suppliers to receive wholesale discounts. We will provide other educational material and training. Parker will help you get your first accounts and offers support during your first year.

Call Richard Parker at 800.526.3672 ext. 1100 or email for more details.


From its inception in 1948 by innovators Len and Bea Parker, Parker Plants has specialized in doing the unexpected and producing stellar results. From their first postwar investment in a bankrupt greenhouse and using U.S. Army surplus homing pigeons to send out-of-state orders back to the main office, the family built a company that has grown into a far-flung, multistate enterprise of greenhouses, farms and so much more.

Rich entered the business in the early 1970s, joined later by his wife, Vicki. Steve took over the garden center operation. To this day, nearly 40 Parker employees have worked with Rich for more than 15 years!

The Parker organization has earned a reputation for hard work and top-quality performance, stepping into assignments when other contractors were unable to complete large or complex installations. When a competitor went bankrupt and the client could not get a Certificate of Occupancy because of unfinished work, reducing the time available for what should have been a complex, month-long installation, Parker took over the job and completed the project in one week – its staff sleeping onsite 24/7 to make the deadline.

To ensure another project remained uncompromised, Parker built the largest shade house in the world to protect giant Washingtonia palms from a desert environment. In another, the company built large structures (a 25-foot horse, a Statue of Liberty) completely out of flowers.

Today, Parker stands as the largest privately-owned interior landscape company in the nation and possibly the world. The main facility is 10 times the size of 99% of its competition.

Parker has pioneered many industry firsts, including the first:

  • Successful large commercial use of self-watering systems.
  • Customized boxes to hold plants without damaging them.
  • Commercial indoor use of large preserved plants.
  • Construction of huge artificial trees of natural bark and silk leaves for indoor use.
  • Franchise of the interior Plantscape business.

Parker has always been on the cutting edge of technology – whether it be using carrier Pigeons to relay messages in 1948, car radio phones in the 1990’s to satellite technology today. Parker was the first to equip every technician with beepers and every supervisor with cell phones and satellite phones when out of the country.

In 2009, Richard Parker was inducted into the industry’s hall of fame.


The following is a sampling of awards presented to Parker Plants:

PIA –Interior Plantscape Hall of Fame
PIA –Award of Excellence-Special Events & Holiday
GACHMA-Allied Member of the Year
PIA-Award of Excellence-Greenroof
PIA- Award of Merit-Living Wall
PIA-Award of Excellence-Design
Planet-Overall Safety Achievement Award-Bronze Performance
PIA-Award of Merit-Design
PIA-Award of Merit-Atrium
Interiorscape-Best Project Award
Interiorscape-Best project Award
PIA-Award of Excellence-Special Events & Holiday
FNGA-Award of Recognition-Interiorscapes
GKI/Bethlehem Lighting-2006 Advisory Board Council
S*T*A*R*S-Safety Excellence
ACHLA-Allied Member of the Year
Award for Excellence-Given by First Lady Hillary Clinton
Award for Excellence-Given by First Lady Barbara Bush
Environmental Improvement Grand Award-Hercules, Wilmington, DE
Environmental Improvement Grand Award-Hyatt Regency, Greenwich, CT
Environmental improvement Grand Award-Embassy Suites Hotel, Parsippany, NJ
Environmental Improvement merit Award-Advance Properties
Environmental Improvement Merit Award-Becton Dickinson
Environmental Improvement Award of Distinction-Staten Island Zoo Tropical Rain Forest Exhibit
America Association of Nurserymen National Landscape Award-World Financial Center, Winter
Garden, White House
Best Project Award-Interiorscape Magazine-Becton Dickinson
…and many more


  • American Nursery and Landscape Association
  • Atlantic City Hotel & Lodging Association, VP & Board of Directors
  • Delaware Valley College Horticultural Department, Former Board Member – advisory committee
  • Florida Nursery, Growers and Landscape Association
  • Future Farmers of America
  • Garden Centers of America
  • New Jersey Farm bureau
  • New Jersey Florist Association
  • Pennsylvania Nurseryman’s Association
  • Plants For Clean Air
  • Professional Plant Growers Association
  • Scotch Plains Beautification Committee
  • Scotch Plains Chamber of Commerce
  • Green Rooms for Healthy Cities
  • Green Plants for Green Buildings
  • USGBC (New Jersey and New York Chapters)
  • Manhattan Chamber of Commerce


42 of the states
Puerto Rico
Hong Kong
Paradise Island


…quality service…
—SL Green Realty Group
“…excellent service”
“…wonderful job…”
—Benjamin Moore Paints
…what a beautiful job…outstanding. …proficient and organized
—Embassy Suites Hotel
—Merrill Lynch & Co., Inc.

Richard Parker, well known in interior landscaping circles, has
been featured frequently in industry and consumer publications.
Parker facilities include 14 acres of greenhouses in New Jersey.
Parker Interior Plants has twice received special recognition for its professional excellence at White House ceremonies.
(So nice we showed it twice.) The Parker family of plant and design professionals is the most respected team of green and dimensional display producers in the US. Their unique collection of skills and experience has no equal.